Fiber to The X (FTTx) Broadband

FTTH Service

In fibre optic communications, transparent optical fibre are used to transmit data. Optical fibre are thin, transparent tubes that can transmit light through a transparent core surrounded by transparent cladding material. Fibre optics provides higher data-carrying capacity and speed, lower attenuation, longer communication distances and can be used where communication lines need high-traffic point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connections.
Fiber to the Home(FTTH) is a 100% optical connection between you and the service provider. FTTH delivers high-speed broadband connections that carry voice, data and video at the same time. This cannot be achieved with aging copper wire networks. Fibre optics is not exactly alien technology. It has been around for a few decades, in fact. While it was ridiculously expensive when first invented, the cost to implement fibre optics for mass users is now at an all-time low.
Fibre optics is quickly gaining popularity and demand in Malaysia and it is being hailed as the next step in Internet and communication connectivity technology.

Why is there a demand for FTTH?

The Internet is evolving. Demand for more bandwidth grows as more and more applications and services are made available to users. Current copper wire technology just would not deliver the slick high-definition media and graphics-intensive websites that shape the online experience today.
There is a good chance that the copper wire connection in your home is affecting your online experience. Copper wires have very limited carrying capacities and a bottleneck situation is bound to happen. The result? Data takes forever to reach your home, and you get frustrated.